Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Spice circuit simulator - part 2

I did it! I made a circuit and I got it to run. I have returned back to Berkeley's 3f5 spice. Using cspice I can input the file circuit.txt:

My first circuit
vcc high 0 dc 10
r1 high bw 3
r2 bw 0 4

This is a very simple circuit with 10v going to a 3 ohm resistor and then a 4 ohm resistor and then back to ground.  10v -- 4ohm -- 3ohm -- gnd

I run this simulation with this command on Windows: cspice.exe < circuit.txt

This results in actual output! Much of this I learned from Berkeley's documentation at http://bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu/classes/IcBook/SPICE/ under Interactive User Guide. I also referenced Kevin Cosgrove's article 'Analyzing Circuits with SPICE on Linux' at http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/2169.

I am not anywhere near the point of running spice to do transient analyses. I only want very simplistic static results of basic digital circuits. This is what I now feel confident that I can do.

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