Sunday, July 18, 2010

Modelsim, working with multiple libraries - bug - not finding work

In short,

if you have the work library and another library named test, and you have:


and top instantiated test_mod which instantiates work_mod, you will get an error at vsim time that modelsim can't find work_mod. This is due to how Modelsim determines the work library when instantiating the test_mod. The typical command you would use is:
vsim -L test - this produces an error
vsim -L work -L test - also an error
The only way to get around this issue for now is to use:
vsim -L ./work -L test

What is occurring from what I can tell is that Modelsim treats the work library as special, and in this way creates all sorts of buggy behavior. Another recommendation from Model Tech is to not use the work library and therefore you would have a command like:
vsim -L mywork -L test
which would work fine. This is a very untenable solution for all the obvious reasons, so for now I'm sticking with the first workaround.

Error from Modelsim:

# vsim -L test
# Loading
# Loading test.test_mod
# ** Error: (vsim-3033) test_module.v(2): Instantiation of 'work_mod' failed. The design unit was not found.
# Region: /top/test_mod_inst
# Searched libraries:
# C:\tmp\modelsim_test\test (<-This is actually Modelsim mixing up the work library)
# C:\tmp\modelsim_test\test
# Error loading design

Example files:

module work();
_library library_inst();
module work_sub();

module _library();
work_sub work_sub_inst();
vlib work
vlog work.v
vlib library
vlog -work library library.v
vsim -L library work

#vsim -L ./work -L library work - this will compile and run as noted above.

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