Thursday, August 19, 2010

gvim 7.3 64-bit (x64) Windows 7, Vista, XP - build instructions and installer

This is an update to:

You can download the actual installer from: (64 bit only, includes all patches up to and including 7.3.003).

To create the 7.3 version, you must download:

There are no extra or lang archives. Everything is included in the main archive.

Download the 7.3 patches:

Follow all of the previous instructions (except for what relates to extra and lang archives).

Also modify the gvim.nsi file to change all instances of gvimext64.dll to gvimext.dll.

Other than that, it is all the same.


  1. Thanks. Allows me to print, but now, for some reason, the Icon on the Windows Taskbar is missing. Any clue why?

  2. Upon further investigation, it appears that gvim.exe is missing the icons (this would be in the downloaded installer, not a self-built version, I should've mentioned that in my earlier comment). Manually changing the icon used for the shortcut for gvim to point to the icon in vim.exe seems to fix the missing icon problem.