Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Modelsim - simulating from 2 vendors at once - Verilog

Here's an interesting problem. You want to simulate code from Lattice along with code from Xilinx. (For example when you are simulating a Xilinx PCIe Root Complex against a Lattice PCIe Endpoint!)

Of course you couldn't attempt this without partitioning into libraries (because of name conflicts). So perhaps you have a library called lattice_work and xilinx_work. When compiling the code there are primitives like NAND, NOR, XOR... that are used in the both sets of code. The Lattice code will need to use Lattice's primitives, and the Xilinx code will need to use Xilinx's primitives.

You can use the +v and -y options to have the primitives found and compiled into the lattice_work and xilinx_work libraries, and then you can use the -L work trick (see previous blog

The problem with this method is that now whenever you run vlog with the incr flag, it will not only check if the Lattice and Xilinx code is up to date, it will also go and check the primitives! That's a huge waste of time! Also, your lattice_work and xilinx_work libraries will get filled with lots of primitives that you don't care to see.

What I like to do is to compile all the primitives into separate libraries. For example I have for Lattice, ecp3_work and pmi_work. For Xilinx I have unisims_work and secureip_work. The primitives are in ecp3_work and unisims_work. This is a nice method, and of course saves time since I never have to recompile or check for updates on these files. The drawback is that the Lattice code and Xilinx code will arbitrarily pick out the NAND, NOR, XOR, etc primitives and will of course cause lots of errors.

I prefer to not have to add source code modifiers, ie I'd like the source code to not have to change in order to fix this. `uselib is a great solution that typically requires it to be placed before the source. My solution has been to create uselib_xilinx.v and uselib_lattice.v files and add that file in the vlog command per each source file.

For example, instead of calling
vlog lattice_code.v
I now call
vlog uselib_lattice.v lattice_code.v

uselib_lattice.v looks like this:
`uselib dir=ecp3_work dir=pmi_work

This works because the `uselib attribute persists through the vlog command. So even if you call vlog with many files, the `uselib will persist. This of course would be problematic if you have additional `uselib calls in your code since they will override the uselib_lattice's or uselib_xilinx's `uselib attribute.

I wish Modelsim would fix their library issues. The solution of -L work is very problematic, and leads to the bug I describe here ( If they would only add some nice switches into the vlog and vsim commands it would make life much easier.

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